The Best Tools to Measure Digital Marketing Performance 

There are a variety of reporting tools to choose from. Some of the most popular is Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Others are more specific to a particular platform. These tools are great for finding the pulse of your digital marketing efforts. Depending on your needs, you can use one or more of these tools to track the results of your campaigns. Below are some of the more popular tools for measuring digital marketing performance.

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Google Analytics 

A free website analytics tool, Google Analytics provides data on website visitors and traffic. This tool works with Google AdWords to help you measure SEO performance. It can also track visitors’ bounce rates, page views, and other metrics. Although it has its limitations, this tool is easy to install and integrate with your website. You can use it to see the traffic source of your visitors and to customize reports. 

Mixpanel is a premium analytics tool that tracks conversion rates, analyzes user engagement, and identifies retention drivers. It is also useful for creating buyer personas and aligning digital marketing strategies to their journeys. It offers a free trial and can be downloaded in a few clicks. For more advanced analytics, you can also use Kissmetrics. Its premium plan allows you to use up to three paid tools at once. 

Facebook Insights 

When it comes to digital marketing, Facebook Insights can be a useful tool. It provides detailed metrics about your posts, including engagement and demographics. You can also see your competitors’ posts and see what you can improve. Facebook Insights is free to use, but you can upgrade to a full suite for $100/month. Both paid and free versions offer a 14-day free trial. 

In addition to its analytics feature, Facebook Insights is also a great place to monitor your social media campaigns. With a click of a button, you can see how many people saw your ads, including their ages and location. You can also compare the number of people who clicked on your ads to your actual click-throughs and engagement. You can also compare results to your ROI with the Breakdowns tool. 

Opti Monk 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive measurement system for your digital marketing, Opti Monk is a good option. This tool has many different features, including a comprehensive knowledge base and a blog where you can find tons of useful information. If you’re not a programmer, you can learn about the various features and options from Opti Monk’s education tab. There are also case studies that discuss the success of other users. 

Opti Monk is a web analytics tool that encourages its users to segment their marketing messages and serve them to specific audiences based on their preferences. It also offers a variety of templates with pre-established average click-through rates and is easy to use. This tool also features a sleek dashboard with a wide range of information that can help you make better decisions about your online marketing. 

Type form 

Surveys are an important part of measuring the performance of your digital marketing efforts. To collect feedback, you should coordinate with sales and client service teams. Type form makes the process easy by providing simple tools for creating and sending surveys. You can also create quizzes and contact forms using Type form. You can also use Type form to integrate with other marketing tools. It also has an extensive list of integrations. 

Type form is conversational form software that anticipates question types as you type. It offers plenty of design options as well as advanced features such as unlimited Logic Jumps and channels, voice analysis, and more. For $35 per month, it has advanced features to help you measure your results. You can also use it to collect data about your website visitors, such as cursor activity, mouse click heat maps, and voice analysis.