How can an SEO expert help you optimize your website’s load speed? 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of orienting your website to rank higher on a search engine results page, so you receive more traffic. An SEO expert will help you optimize your site by improving its structure, addressing keyword placement, reducing bounce rate, and using other techniques that increase visibility online. Contact us to learn more about

A good SEO will also be able to assess your website’s load speed. A slow-loading site will discourage visitors from staying on your website, which could negatively affect your rankings and cause you to lose out on potential business. An expert will be able to identify the reasons for your site’s poor load speed and recommend changes to improve it. 

What Is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist is a person that has knowledge of various digital marketing techniques, including search engine optimization. The skills required to become an SEO specialist are varied and include “core” SEO skills like meta tag optimization, as well as web design and writing skills. Some SEO specialists are self-taught, while others complete courses such as BrainStation’s Search Engine Optimization Certification Course to learn the skills needed to become an effective SEO specialist. 

SEO experts use their expertise to improve a website’s search engine ranking by making it more relevant for specific keywords. This includes researching and analyzing the needs of a target audience, understanding how different search engines operate, and developing strategies to get a website to rank for those searches. SEO experts also perform technical audits to identify and resolve issues that may be affecting a site’s search engine optimization efforts. These issues can range from broken links to website crawler errors and toxic backlinks. 

One of the main factors in a website’s load speed is its size. Large images, for example, can greatly increase a page’s loading time. An expert can advise you on how to shrink images without sacrificing their quality or can suggest tools that can decrease a website’s load time. 

Another way an expert can help you improve your website’s load speed is by optimizing its code. This involves removing any unnecessary code and using a tool to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. This reduces the number of HTTP requests a browser must make, which in turn increases your site’s load speed. 

A fast-loading site is more likely to attract return customers, which is a key factor in the success of any business. A high-performing website will also have a positive impact on search engine rankings, as Google began considering mobile site speed as a factor in search engine results in 2018. An SEO expert can help you optimize your site for both its user experience and search engine optimization. For best results, it’s best to hire an SEO expert early on in the process of a website redesign or launch, so they can ensure that your pages are optimized from the start.