How Do I Become SEO Certified? 

An SEO certification is a test of your SEO skills. To remain relevant, it is important to reassess your skills periodically, which leads to higher retention and a sense of accomplishment. Certifications also keep you up-to-date on current trends, as SEO is changing seemingly daily. Taking the tests will help you remain at the top of your game. This article will explain what SEO certifications are and how to get them.

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Google Analytics Academy 

Many marketers wonder how to become SEO certified with Google Analytics Academy. While the course content is very thorough, you may be overwhelmed by all of the options. Fortunately, you can get started with a free Google Analytics basic course. The rest of the course is more advanced and focuses on advanced analytics techniques, such as segmentation and audience reports. In addition, the course covers dynamic remarketing, retargeting, and custom reports. 

Moz SEO Essentials 

To become certified in search engine optimization, you need to understand the basics. Moz’s SEO Essentials Certificate consists of six lessons with over six hours of content. During the course, you will learn how to optimize individual web pages, build links effectively, and report results effectively using Google Analytics. Interested in learning how to become SEO-certified? Read on to learn more. The certification is good for those who want to get a basic understanding of SEO and maintain it over time. 


If you’ve always wanted to become an SEO expert, SEO certified with SEMrush may be the best option. The program offers a comprehensive course that includes 31 videos and four hours of study time. In addition to learning how to optimize websites for search engines, the course also teaches how to run digital marketing campaigns. The SEMrush SEO course is taught by SEO expert Greg Gilford. During the course, you’ll learn the basics of the industry. 

Yoast SEO Premium 

Before you can use the Yoast SEO plugin, you must have verified your domain with Google. This will enable you to connect Yoast to Google Search Console and fix errors. This will also help you set redirects for broken links. To verify your domain, you will need to create a TXT record in your hosting account’s DNS Zone Editor. After generating a TXT record, you should add it to your Yoast SEO settings. 


If you are looking for a new career path, or simply want to upgrade your skills to meet the demands of a growing market, you might want to consider a HubSpot SEO certification course. This self-paced course will teach you everything you need to know about the art of SEO, from the basics to more advanced techniques, like meta information and page titles. If you want to give yourself the edge over your competition, it’s worth the time and effort.