How Effective Is Online Video Marketing? 

Online video marketing is a powerful tool to boost sales. Consumers who watch videos are more likely to share them on social media, boosting SEO and driving more traffic to product listings. And video is a great way to reach mobile users. According to Nielsen, mobile phones outsold personal computers as the most popular tool for making online purchases in 2016. As a result, 88% of all short videos are watched on a mobile device.

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User-generated content 

User-generated content (UGC) is an effective way to increase brand awareness and promote products and services. This content can take the form of online videos, pictures, posts, or even customer reviews. This type of content is especially effective for video marketing because it provides a wealth of information to potential customers. 

Owned marketing channels 

The biggest advantage of owned video marketing channels is the fact that you can control the content you post. You can also control the context and community around your brand. The most innovative marketers build communities and gravitational fields around their brands. 


Before you start video marketing, it is important to define your goal and targets. Also, determine where your videos should fall in the marketing funnel. For example, brand awareness videos may be appropriate for high-value products. Brand awareness videos may also be good for gaining an audience. 

Blog posts 

Using videos in blog posts is a great way to increase the engagement of your readers. When combined with content, videos are more likely to generate more views and inbound links, and they can be used to reuse content ideas. Video content is often clicked first in search results on YouTube, which means more exposure for your content. 

Social media 

When it comes to online video marketing, social media plays a huge role. Unlike text-based posts, video is more likely to be shared and retained by users. This means that if you create a high-quality video, you’ll be able to get more views for your content. Video also has a long shelf-life, whereas even the best text-based post won’t remain relevant for years. That’s why sharing an old video is often a more effective marketing strategy than creating a brand-new post. 

Downloadable content 

It’s important to consider your target audience when developing a video campaign. Whether you’re aiming to attract people to your website through social media or provide your customers with useful information, video is a powerful medium for marketing. Knowing how to make the most of it will give you an edge over your competitors.