Explaining SEO to a Beginner 

SEO has several aspects, but the most important factor in determining a page’s ranking is link popularity. This is important because links help search engines understand what the page is about. You can improve your page’s link popularity by using Anchor text. Another important aspect of SEO is using technical SEO to make sure that your site ranks for the right keywords.

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Link popularity is the most important ranking factor 

Link popularity refers to the number of websites linking to your website and is one of the most important factors in SEO. The more high-quality links your website has, the better. A high-quality link should have two factors: the content of the linking site and its popularity. 

Links to your site must be relevant and directed to your targeted audience. The quality of your links can affect your site’s popularity, in the long run, so make sure to make your content relevant to your target audience. Also, be creative and willing to share appropriate information. 

Anchor text helps search engines understand what a page is about 

Search engines read anchor text to understand the content of a page. It is important to choose descriptive, relevant, and accurate anchor text for each link. The anchor text describes the page that is linked and tells users what to expect when they click on the link. In 2009, Google prohibited misleading anchor text on their search results pages. 

While anchor text is vital, it should not be over-optimized. Over-optimization can cause a site to get penalized by Google. The company has amended its Penguin algorithm several times and is likely to do so again. When this happens, many brands suffer massive traffic drops, which in turn negatively impact revenue. Hence, finding a good balance between keyword density and anchor text is crucial for SEO efforts. 

Choosing the right keywords 

Choosing the right keywords for SEO can help your website rise in the search results. Whether you are trying to increase your traffic or attract a specific clientele, the right keywords can improve your search rankings. In addition, the right keywords can increase your bottom line by attracting the ideal client base. You can start by determining the keywords that are most profitable to your business. This process is not difficult and will depend on the type of optimization you are doing. 

To find the right keywords, you should do some research and understand how people search for products on Google. You should look for terms that have a high search volume and a low difficulty score. The goal is to find the terms that will make it easier to rank your content in the search engines and drive traffic that is qualified. Once you have the keywords, you should check the competition. 

Using technical SEO 

When you’re explaining SEO to a beginner, you may want to start with a case study. In this case study, you’ll use a client’s website as an example. The client had a website with no internal links and little keyword-rich anchor text. The team at the agency had published tons of quality content, but the content was not linking to important products and services pages. 

The goal of technical SEO is to improve the user experience. For example, a site that is mobile-friendly will load faster and be easier to navigate. It’s also important for a website to be crawlable. If crawlers can’t get to your pages, they can’t index them. A website should also be easy to navigate, so users can find what they need quickly. 

Measuring your SEO results 

Measuring your SEO results is crucial for improving your website. If you are trying to optimize your site within a tight budget, it is especially important to keep track of your SEO results. SEO campaigns should be measurable, and you should create a KPI system for tracking them. Knowing your KPIs will help you identify where your website is lacking and where improvements are needed. 

Depending on the scope of your SEO campaign, you should measure your results in search engines. There are several tools available, some of which are free, and some that are premium. The choice you make will depend on your budget and the amount of information you need.