What Are SEO Citations? 

SEO citations are used to link back to a website. Some sites will display these links as “no follow” links, while others display them as “do follow” links. There are a variety of ways to include citations on your website, including articles, videos, and links to other websites. 

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Structured citations 

Structured SEO citations are the listings of a business’s NAP information on directories. These listings help Google better understand and trust the business. In addition to their citation value, these listings help consumers discover a local business. These citations can help boost a website’s local search rankings and make it easier for customers to find important information about your business. 

Structured citations are typically listed on third-party websites, such as business directories and industry-specific platforms. These listings will typically include a backlink to your website. While structured citations are the preferred method, unstructured citations are also useful. While they may be more difficult to obtain, they are powerful for SEO. 


SEO citations are backlinks that point to your website from other websites. Unlike other backlinks, these are not easily obtained. The more difficult and rare they are, the better they are. A website that is linked from an authoritative source such as Wikipedia or a government website will have higher domain authority. This means that it is more credible and has a greater chance of appearing in the search results. 

Another great way to get backlinks and SEO citations is by collaborating with local businesses and organizations. Not only will collaborations increase your website’s ranking, but you’ll also get the added benefit of a charity backlink. Donating your time or skills to a local nonprofit will provide you with a tax write-off and a chance to be mentioned on a reputable site. 

Consistency in citations 

Consistency in SEO citations is crucial for a business, as inconsistent citations will harm a business’s online visibility. For instance, if a business is listed on several different directories but not on Google, it will have a detrimental effect on its local ranking and daily sales. 

While many factors affect local SEO, consistency in SEO citations is one of the most important. It’s particularly important for businesses with physical locations, since it creates a trust factor for Google that affects ranking and whether your business appears in local search results.