What is Citation in SEO? 

Citation is an important aspect of SEO. There are several different types of citations, including structured and unstructured. There are also niche citations. A good local Internet marketing company should be able to increase your traffic by building citations for your site. When looking for a local SEO company, ask questions, read testimonials and look for reviews. 

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Structured citations 

Structured citations are important to the SEO process for several reasons. First, they help Google understand your business better. For example, structured citations should contain your business name, address, and phone number. They’re usually found on directories, social media profiles, and website listings. Unstructured citations, on the other hand, are simply mentions of your business on other websites or in other contexts. They can be found in blogs, forum posts, or even press mentions. 

Structured citations make it easy for search engines to index and sort your business’ information. Unstructured citations, on the other hand, are not formal and are more likely to be found in blogs, forums, and social media profiles. Nevertheless, they can still be useful, especially for local SEO. 

Niche citations 

A business that can list itself in niche citations is a great way to increase its SEO rankings. It is also a great way to find leads. Most consumers search for a specific service or product on Google. Niche citations are beneficial in that they help build trust with potential customers. They are also a great way to get reviews, which in turn can lead to more business. 

Using niche citations in your SEO strategy will help search engines associate your business with specific industries. Niche citations can be created on authoritative websites in your industry, which will help boost your ranking and overall online presence. 

Google My Business 

If you’re looking for ways to boost your local SEO, you should focus on Google My Business (GMB). It’s an account you can control and puts your business on a map when potential customers search for your products and services. If you have a website, you can use your GMB listing to link to it from your homepage. 

There are many benefits to creating a GMB listing for your business. Having the right phone number and complete address in your listing is critical to generating local relevance. In addition, complete listings should include a website link. These citations help rank your business in Google Local Pack and send the search engines the right signal about your business.