What is DHL eCommerce? 

DHL eCommerce provides a variety of logistics and fulfillment services to businesses, from global warehousing to international shipping. These services integrate with your eCommerce site to create a streamlined process for managing orders and fulfilling them. You don’t need to worry about rekeying data, as DHL automatically generates shipping labels and merchandise fulfillment from warehouses worldwide. 

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DHL eCommerce solutions, which is part of the DHL Group, specializes in transportation and logistics for online sellers. They connect buyers and sellers around the world, employing over 400,000 employees and moving 1.6 billion packages annually. Their services are offered in a variety of languages and include domestic, international, and prepaid delivery options. They also provide smart mail package returns for packages up to 70 pounds. 

The DHL eCommerce service can ship international or domestic products and provides advanced tracking. It can even expedite shipping in some cases. For international shipments, DHL eCommerce offers express services for time-sensitive shipments, such as same-day delivery. Additionally, if you are shipping a lightweight product, the DHL eCommerce ground service may be right for you. 


DHL eCommerce is a fast, convenient, and inexpensive way to ship your online packages. It offers a global shipping network, and you can track your packages wherever they are in the world. Tracking numbers are provided for each shipment and are easy to use. You can see where your package is at any given moment, and you can even contact the local postal service to confirm its delivery status. 

DHL eCommerce offers two types of shipping services: domestic and international. For domestic shipping, DHL eCommerce offers Ground, Expedited, and Global Express. The Expedited service offers the shortest transit times and carries a Shipment Value Protection policy of up to 100 USD. In addition, DHL eCommerce offers electronic invoicing and flexible pick-up times. 


With DHL eCommerce tracking, you can see the progress of your package from the moment you purchase it until it reaches the destination. However, it is important to note that your package may be delayed, as it must clear customs. The time required for clearance may vary from country to country, and in some countries, taxes and duties are due on the shipment. If your package is delayed, you will need to contact your merchant and inquire about it. 

The DHL eCommerce tracking feature is available on the DHL eCommerce website and allows you to track your package’s progress online. You can also access the tracking service for international shipments through DHL. DHL eCommerce tracking has several features and functions that help you track your package and make necessary changes. DHL has many types of services to choose from, and each one is different from the others. 

carbon offsets 

In its eCommerce carbon offsets program, DHL is engaging customers to take action against climate change through climate protection projects. The company has partnered with GoGreen to support projects in countries such as China, Turkey, and Lesotho. These projects include wind power and the conversion of landfill gas into energy. The project is verified by SGS, an independent auditing firm. 

The company has set a goal of offsetting 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2020. This amount is equivalent to driving 150 million miles. DHL eCommerce carbon offsets are part of the company’s GoGreen sustainability program and offer several different levels of reporting. The program also provides customers with a carbon dashboard showing how to optimize their supply chain. 


Whether you’re a small or large online merchant, DHL eCommerce options offer several benefits. The company focuses on cost-effective shipping for online merchants, and you can create an account and start shipping straight away. Upon approval, you may also qualify for preferred shipping rates. DHL offers both domestic and international delivery options. 

DHL is partnered with the US Postal Service for expedited shipping and can reach 154 million addresses globally. Regardless of your company’s shipping needs, the DHL eCommerce options will give you the flexibility to reach new customers around the world. However, as with any service, there are some advantages and drawbacks to DHL eCommerce.