What is Headless Ecommerce? 

The term headless eCommerce refers to eCommerce stores that do not depend on a specific platform to run. This allows eCommerce stores to switch to a different back end and a new front end at any time. Since all data remains in one place, this method does not tie a store to a single platform or technology. 

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TiVo migrated to headless eCommerce 

After many years of development, TiVo has decided to migrate to a headless eCommerce platform. Unlike a traditional eCommerce platform, a headless system does not require an application server. In addition, the TiVo team can easily integrate third-party services into the platform. 

The main advantage of a headless eCommerce platform is that it enables businesses to decouple the digital storefront from backend operations. Previously, businesses had to run their storefront through a proprietary CMS, which limited integrations. With headless commerce, a business can plug-in third-party solution, which allows it to customize the design and functionality of the site. The platform’s modular design allows businesses to transition to the platform in stages, depending on their needs. 

While a full-fledged platform can be overwhelming, a company can start with core functionality such as an online catalog, shopping cart, and pricing options. From there, they can gradually add new features to the website without having to overhaul the backend commerce platform. Moreover, businesses can easily change the front end of the site to reflect new marketing campaigns and promotions. In addition, they can keep a shared database across all customer touchpoints, ensuring that their customer’s experience is consistent no matter where they interact with the site. 

Kibo offers a headless eCommerce platform 

Kibo offers a headless omnichannel commerce platform that helps organizations quickly launch personalized commerce experiences. The platform combines the most powerful core commerce capabilities with APIs and tools that let you customize the experience to your exact business needs. This platform is designed for organizations at all stages of their headless journey. 

Kibo eCommerce is a cloud-based solution for managing multiple sales channels, online orders, and marketing campaigns. It includes an integrated headless commerce module that handles front-end operations and back-end operations. It also offers integrated social media pages, persistent carts, guest checkout, wish lists, and more. Moreover, Kibo offers a manageable cost of ownership and supports an extensive range of commerce strategies. 

Headless eCommerce platforms can be created using content management systems, digital experience platforms, and progressive web applications. These systems enable online businesses to build a strong connection with their customers without affecting their back-end systems. With a headless solution, businesses can focus on creating compelling visual content and engaging users without worrying about complex integrations. 

TiVo improved its ability to upsell 

When TiVo launched its line of digital video recorders, it had just one mission: to make television recording easy. This meant offering customers the ability to record cable, satellite, and broadcast channels. As the number of TiVo customers increased, so did the need for more features. Eventually, TiVo was able to offer its customers several extras, including the ability to watch a wide variety of live television channels. 

The company reacted to this by introducing new cable-compatible devices that would allow customers to record four or six channels at a time. These devices also gave customers access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. They also released miniature versions of their boxes that would allow customers to watch television in other rooms.