What Are the Benefits of Long-Form Content? 

 A well-written long-form article can have several benefits for your business. These benefits include increased shareability, trust, credibility, and organic reach. Read on to discover how long-form articles can help you. Let’s look at some examples. This example is from StudioBinder. It features 7,500+ words worth of insightful information, along with related posts, videos, and images. Using this strategy, StudioBinder can maximize the chances of first-time visitors spending more time on the website and signing up for its software.

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Increased shareability 

If you’re thinking about boosting the shareability of your content, think long form. This type of content is typically longer than two thousand words, and it has been found that content with over 2,500 words is more shareable than shorter content. Studies have found that the length of long-form content is correlated with higher organic traffic and page views. As such, it’s better to publish more long-form content than short-form content if you’re looking to increase your organic traffic. 

Long-form content is also more likely to get shared on social media sites. This is because social shares are correlated with backlinks, and the more words that content has, the more likely it will get shared. In addition, Google rewards long-form content because it is more likely to answer the question of your readers. The longer content also has an improved conversion rate and more social shares, which can all help increase your online visibility. 

Increased trust 

According to Kevin Delaney, editor of Quartz, articles of 500-800 words have the least chance of being published. This is because these articles are considered news-friendly, and many blogs adhere to this standard. While a shorter article can be informative, long-form content has more potential to build trust. In this article, you’ll learn why. Long-form content has a reputation for being more engaging, and readers will stay for more. 

With a long-form article, you can take your audience on a journey from beginner to expert, answering all of their questions in one place. When you provide your audience with valuable information, they will feel that you’ve researched the topic well and know what you’re talking about. They’ll feel more comfortable sharing your information with other people, and they’ll be more likely to trust you as an expert. Long-form content is also more likely to generate leads and conversions, which means you’ll receive more traffic. 

Increased organic reach 

While short-form content can be easily produced on the fly, long-form content can build a reputation as a valuable source of information. When searching for products or services, people are more likely to trust a reputable website. Long-form content also helps improve page rank on Google. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, content with high “time on site” rates higher in organic searches. This is a major benefit for content marketers. 

Search engines prefer long-form content because it is more informative and provides context to the core issue. In addition, it is easier for users to find more information about a particular issue. Google’s algorithm favors content with a wide range of topics and lengths and penalizes thin, shallow, or irrelevant content. In addition to boosting organic reach, long-form content also increases conversion rates and generates more social shares. 

Increased credibility 

Long-form content can help build brand authority and consumer trust. Especially in industries with a low level of trust, this type of content can help provide consumers with the information they want and prove the business’ credibility. In the case of Transparent Labs’ 8-Week Guide to Body Recomposition, the company’s content provides an exceptional amount of relevant facts backed by scientific references. Long-form content can also be used for the educational purposes of existing customers. 

The popularity of long-form content has increased as more brands recognize the benefits it provides. In addition to increasing credibility, long-form content can increase dwell time, an important SEO factor. Long-form content encourages consumers to stay on a website longer and click through to another page if they are interested in the topic. Therefore, creating long-form content is essential for any brand looking to increase its credibility. Here are some benefits of creating and sharing long-form content.