What is Proximity in SEO? 

Proximity refers to the distance between two keywords in a search query. It is important to use proximity wisely to optimize search results.
Search engines deliver different results for words that are close together. The word order must make sense and the keyword proximity should be carefully considered.

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Keyword proximity 

Keyword proximity is a key aspect of SEO. It helps search engines understand how relevant your website is to the keywords they are indexing. In general, the closer the two keywords are together, the higher the search engine’s relevancy.
However, proximity is not the only consideration when optimizing a site’s SEO. It is also important to consider keyword density and prominence.

Google’s algorithm calculates proximity in two ways. First, it considers the distance between two keywords. For example, if you type in the words “body weight” and “reduce,” the distance between these two keywords is less than two. 

Distance between two keywords 

When it comes to SEO, keyword proximity is important. The more keywords are close together, the higher their likelihood of being associated with one another. For example, if someone searches for “red shoes” and “sandals,” they are most likely to see a result for both. However, if those same two words were far apart, they would be distant from each other. 

Google’s robot is quite strict in looking for the quality of a web page, and it is very important to maintain good proximity between keywords. If one keyword is ten words from another, it is considered great proximity. If two keywords are more than five words apart, the robot cannot distinguish them. 

Distance between two keywords in a single search sentence 

The distance between two keywords in a single search sentence is called the “striking distance.” The shorter the distance between two keywords, the more relevant they are to searchers. It is important to know how to use the striking distance to your advantage. Here are some tips to keep your keywords closer together in a search sentence. 

The first thing to do is to keep your keywords near each other. Ideally, you’d want them as close as possible without negatively affecting the readability of the page. This way, Google is more likely to give your page more importance and rank it higher. 

Location-based web content 

If you’re interested in adding location-based web content to your website, there are some best practices you should follow. For instance, you should avoid creating duplicate content. Google no longer penalizes websites that duplicate content. Instead, it will display the page with the most authority. Increasing your authority can help increase your page’s visibility in local packs and map listings. 

Another way to improve the ranking of your website is to create content that is local to your business. For example, if you’re a plumber in Leicester, you’ll want to appear in searches for plumbers in Hinckley. You can do this by looking for backlinks from local sites. 

Impact of keyword proximity on SEO 

Keyword proximity is a critical factor to consider when optimizing for search engine results pages. It affects the user experience and the click-through rate of a webpage. When combined with other factors, keyword proximity can lead to high search engine rankings. But as with any element of search engine optimization, it’s important to use the concept holistically and properly. 

While it’s difficult to predict how many times a keyword will be referenced, there’s a great likelihood that it will be referenced if the keyword is very close to a keyword phrase. For example, the keyword “Nike black shoes” has a high chance of appearing in the first phase of a search for “black shoes.” Google’s robot also evaluates the content of web pages to ensure they’re relevant. To do so, it checks the content for plagiarism, duplicate content, and keyword stuffing. It also checks for proximity, looking for great or average proximity between two terms.