What Is An SEO Specialist? 

A search engine optimization specialist is someone who manages website traffic to a website. They also need to be knowledgeable in web analytics and SEO tools. They may report to the marketing director. This is a career with numerous benefits. In addition to boosting a site’s search engine rankings, they can also help a business with its online marketing. Contact us to learn more about tempe local seo

Job Duties 

An SEO specialist has various duties to perform for a website to rank high in search engine results. These duties include testing, evaluating, and enhancing the performance of a website to increase traffic and engagement. The job description should be attractive and customized to the specific requirements of the position. A search engine optimization specialist also known as an SEO expert works in a company to make their website more search engine friendly. As a result, their website will rank higher in popular search engines. 

The SEO specialist job description should outline all the tasks an SEO specialist will perform and the skill sets that he or she must possess to be successful. This will attract the best candidates and discourage the unqualified ones. 

Education requirements 

SEO specialists must have a thorough understanding of search engine parameters and algorithms. They should also know HTML, CSS, and programming languages. Furthermore, they must be knowledgeable about hardware and software platforms. In addition, an SEO specialist must know key performance indicators and must be able to use a data mining tool. 

The most important qualification required for an SEO specialist is experienced working in the field. An internship in an internet marketing company or performing SEO work for a local business is a great way to gain experience. Optimizing your web properties is also a good way to demonstrate your expertise in the field. 

Career options 

If you’re interested in web analytics, you should consider a career as an SEO specialist. These specialists monitor website traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. Additionally, they may be responsible for managing social media accounts. If you have these skills, there are many opportunities for you to be successful. However, you’ll need to know the basics of SEO to become an effective specialist. 

As the field of search engine optimization continues to grow, so does the demand for SEO professionals. According to LinkedIn, there were over 47 thousand SEO job openings in 2019 alone, and those numbers are expected to grow even further by 2020. The average salary for SEO specialists is around PS1800, and the salary for an experienced SEO manager can be as much as PS28,000 a year. 


The salary of an SEO specialist is dependent on where you live. The salary can be found in major U.S. cities such as San Francisco, Fremont, and Santa Clara. You can find employment as a mid-level SEO specialist in these cities. However, if you’re looking for a better salary, you can also try applying as an SEO Manager. This position will include more responsibilities, and therefore, the salary will be higher. 

A salary as an SEO specialist can range from $20,000 a year for part-time freelance work to $80k per year for a senior SEO specialist. The salary can vary significantly depending on the company, skill level, and years of experience.