What Should My SEO Company Guarantee Me? 

Many agencies will offer you a “guarantee” on SEO that promises you’ll be ranked on page 1 of Google within a specific time frame. This makes you feel like you’re getting great value for your money, but in reality it can be a scam. 

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Firstly, it’s important to understand that ranking on page 1 of Google isn’t guaranteed. As you know, search engines use a complex algorithm to determine what websites should be displayed in their results. It’s not a simple process and results will vary from one business to the next. 

A good SEO agency will work with you to get clear goals and objectives for your campaign. These should be relevant to your industry and business model. Then, the SEO agency will provide you with a realistic estimation of what it will take to achieve these goals. 

Another thing to look out for when you’re reviewing potential SEO companies is how transparent they are about their services and business practices. An honest SEO should be able to show you evidence of their work, and they should have case studies or references from their past clients who can speak to their success. 

They should also be able to explain how their strategies are effective, what they are not, and why they are not. This will help you determine if they have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to succeed for your business. 

You should also ask about their SEO process and what they do to improve your site’s rankings. If they can’t answer these questions, you should look for a different SEO. 

The best SEOs have a long-term strategy for your website’s traffic and ranking. They start by identifying your target audience and targeting keywords that have the highest chance of delivering targeted traffic to your site. They then develop a detailed and comprehensive technical plan that ensures your site has all the tools it needs to rank on Google for these keywords. 

Your SEO will need to provide you with ongoing reports on the progress of your website’s ranking. These will include metrics that show you how your site is doing, such as traffic, keyword rankings, and links. You should be able to see these reports every month or so. 

If you’re looking for a great SEO, it’s worth checking out their business references and asking them how they found them. This should give you a good idea of how easy it was to work with them, and how they produced positive results for their clients. 

Lastly, you should be aware of the fact that search algorithms are constantly changing and no SEO company can predict how Google will change them in the future. This means that any black hat techniques they may have used in the past to get their client’s websites ranked high on Google won’t work anymore. 

If you’re working with a disreputable agency, they will be using tactics that are illegal or have been banned by Google. This includes things like creating shadow domains, submitting your site to thousands of search engines, and using dodgy link-building techniques to boost your rankings. These are all things that can cost your site a large amount of money and damage your reputation with Google.